Do You Know the Difference Between
Hydration and Moisturization?

(Hint: The Skin Needs Both To Smooth Wrinkles And Soothe Acne)

how to clear acne and smooth wrinkles by hydrating dryness

The terms “hydrating” and “moisturizing” seem to be interchangeable but they apply to different parts of your skin. Imagine a bowl of water with oil added; the oil will settle at the surface of the water to create a protective barrier against evaporation. Your skin’s hydration level refers to the amount of water inside the bowl, representing the layers beneath the skin barrier that retain water. On the other hand, your skin’s moisture levels refers to the amount of oil settled at the surface of the bowl, representing the protective, outer skin barrier. As the inner layers of your skin essentially hold water like a sponge, the surface of your skin barrier serves as a hydrophobic shield to protect against water-loss aka skin dryness, infections, and UV radiation.

Ironically, acne and wrinkles are both exacerbated by the same condition: dehydration, also known as low hydration levels beneath the skin barrier. Acne, from large and painful cystic acne to small breakouts, is a condition where your skin is over-producing natural oil to compensate for the lack of hydration.

Meanwhile, wrinkles are caused by the inner layers of your sponge-like skin shrinking from chronic dehydration, and the extra skin sinking into those microscopic crevasses create fine lines. Slathering on layers of a heavy moisturizer and eye creams don’t erase those fines lines either.

Restoring your skin’s hydration levels with a powerful serum is the key to maintaining clear, smooth, and youthful looking skin no matter your age.

Just to make sure that we are all on the same page, what is a serum? A serum is a lightweight, hydrating skin care product that is concentrated with active ingredients for specific functions such as fighting acne, brightening, or smoothing wrinkles. However, serums barely have any moisturizing ingredients. Serums are made to be used as the first step after cleansing to replenish hydration levels in the inner layers of the skin before applying an oil-based moisturizer. It is very important to apply your serum before your moisturizer! If you try to apply a serum on top of skin that already has moisturizer on it, you probably won’t be reaping the benefits of the serum.

Most serums are specialized to one function: clear acne, smooth wrinkles, brighten dullness, etc. The skin care industry creates specialized products and product lines based on a single benefit or ingredient to encourage customers to buy multiple products while marketing an extensive 10-step skin care routine to increase sales. However, using multiple products daily is not proven to be more effective than using a single properly formulated potent product.

In fact, such extensive skin care routines increase your exposure to a variety of chemicals. What makes the Cell Forté Rejuvenating Serum unique is its multi-tasking cruelty-free formula that features a variety of powerful ingredients proven to help soothe redness, plump fine lines, and brighten dark spots without any parabens, mineral oil, silicones, or benzoates and it is free from benzyl salicylate.

Natural, Powerful Ingredients for Youthful-Looking Skin at Any Age

Sodium Hyaluronate

Works better than hyaluronic acid to deliver immediate hydration deep into the skin to help plump fine lines and wrinkles

Brightening Botanicals™

Four natural extracts work in synergy to help gently brighten dark spots and restore radiance without harsh acids or exfoliants


Sourced from silk protein, sericin helps strengthen the skin barrier with 38 amino acids to seal in long-lasting hydration

Sh-oligopeptide-1 (EGF)

Stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process and collagen growth to fight stubborn wrinkles, fade dark spots and acne scars


Sourced from the bearberry plant, arbutin helps brighten uneven skin tone and improve the skin’s resilience against future dark spots and dullness

Nourishing 9 Peptides™

The potent combination of peptides help support collagen growth to help smooth wrinkles while restoring firmness and elasticity

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