Better than Retinol for Wrinkles 

Discover the Power Ingredient that Works Better than Retinol for Wrinkles 

EGF: Better than retinol for wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles often start around the eyes; In fact, the skin underneath the eyes is some of the thinnest found on our bodies. It’s not just from rubbing our eyes when we’re tired or tugging when applying concealer to hide those dark circles, wrinkles start forming at the cellular level. The major reason why we get wrinkles is because our skin cells’ turnover cycle slows down.

Why Do We Get Wrinkles? 

The skin cell turnover cycle is that rate at which new healthy skin cells are formed and take the place of old dead skin cells. When we are younger our skin cell turnover rate is shorter at around 28 days. However, with natural aging and stress our skin cell turnover rate slows down and wrinkles start to form.

Old, dead skin cells do not absorb or retain hydration as well as young healthy skin cells.

No amount of hydration can stimulate faster turnover. As the old skin cells on the skin surface remain longer due to a slower turnover rate, our skin surface becomes dry and wrinkles start to form.

Moreover, dark spots and uneven skin tone also take longer to clear up with a slower turnover rate.

Although exfoliating and using peels may temporarily help stimulate faster skin cell turnover, it still does not treat the root of the problem. You should only exfoliate once or twice a week to prevent skin damage. 

How Does EGF Work?

In 1986, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to biochemist Stanley Cohen for the discovery of EGF: skincare’s fountain of youth.

EGF is technically a protein and it works at the cellular level to directly help restore a healthy turnover cycle, which provides multiple benefits: from speeding up wound recovery and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, to improving hydration and helping clear dark spots(1).

Our skin naturally makes less collagen after the age of 25(3).

As a skincare ingredient, EGF directly tackles skin aging by stimulating healthy collagen and elastin growth to keep your skin firm and lifted.

Did you know that UV exposure can be responsible for 80% of visible facial aging signs?(4) EGF has also been shown to help prevent UV-induced skin damage also known as photo-aging(1). 

Why is EGF Better than Retinols or Tretinoin? 

Retinol is a very popular and common ingredient in anti-aging and wrinkle fighting skincare products.

From drugstore products to prescription formulas, retinoids work as an exfoliant, which temporarily triggers a faster turnover rate. However, skin care products formulated with retinoids are not suitable for people with sensitive skin types as it can cause irritation, redness, and dryness.

Also, frequent use of retinoids even for people with healthy normal skin types can lead to sensitivity as well(5).

Tretinoin is a new form of retinoids as a retinoic acid but a study shows that it does not provide any better results than retinol.
In fact, retinol was also better tolerated by the users(6). 

On the other hand, EGF is safe for use on sensitive skin.

EGF works deep within the skin layers at the cellular level to nourish skin as a protein rather than exfoliate the surface as a harsh acid. Using exfoliants and harsh retinol products often can cause skin thinning and dryness despite the temporary smoothness.

However, after treating your skin to an EGF-rich serum, your skin is healthier, less prone to dryness and UV damage, which is the most common cause of skin aging(1,4).

However, not all EGF is created equal. Cell Forté Skincare only uses the highest quality vegan sourced EGF. To plump wrinkles and restore a youthful glow, EGF works wonders with hyaluronic acid(2).

For fast, visible results, the Forté Serum is enriched with sodium hyaluronate: a smaller, more powerful and easily absorbed form of hyaluronic acid. Plus, 9 peptides and over 22 rejuvenating herbal extracts.

After 2 Weeks of Using Cell Forté Skincare*

100% feel incredible softness in their skin

Feel hydrated, smoother skin

98% see significantly less fine lines & wrinkles

See less fine lines & wrinkles 

98% see less dark spots and more radiance

See brighter, more even skin

95% feel uplifting firmness in their skin

Feel firmer, tighter skin

After 2 Weeks of Using
the Cell Forté Skincare*

100% feel incredible softness in their skin

feel hydrated, smoother skin

98% see significantly less fine lines & wrinkles

see less fine lines & wrinkles

98% see less dark spots and more radiance

see brighter, more even skin

95% feel uplifting firmness in their skin

feel firmer, tighter skin

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