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Korean Skin Care Routine

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There are Korean skin care products, also known as K-beauty products, and then there is the 10-step Korean skin care routine. You can use any Korean skin care products in your own way, outside of this 10-step routine. Made popular by influencers, the 10-step Korean skin care routine mimics the steps in a professional facial.
However, there are pros and cons to this extensive routine.
Here are the steps:

What is the 10-step Korean
Skin Care Routine?

1. Oil cleanse: use a creamy or oil-based makeup removing cleanser to remove oil-based impurities.
2. Foam cleanse: use a foaming cleanser to deep cleanse and thoroughly remove all traces of the oil cleanser.
3. Exfoliate: twice a week, use a peeling gel exfoliant or gentle face scrub to remove dead skin cells.
4. Toner: soak a cotton pad with toner and swipe across the skin to remove any traces of impurities and restore the skin’s pH level to better absorb hydration.
5. Essence: a watery, hydrating fusion between a toner and serum to pat onto the skin.
6. Ampoule/Serum: a concentration of active ingredients in a hydrating base usually with a single main benefit for the skin (brightening, clear acne, smooth wrinkles, etc.). Ampoules and serums are the same type of products. When brands make both products, usually they say that their ampoule has a higher concentration of active ingredients than their serum and charge more for the ampoule.
7. Sheet Mask: twice a week, use a sheet mask to intensively replenish hydration.
8. Lotion: a lightweight moisturizer is first layered on to start introducing more oil-based creamy products that lock in water-based hydration.
9. Moisturizer: a thicker oil-based moisturizer to really seal in hydration that will last all day.
10. Sunscreen: in the daytime only, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least spf 30 to help prevent premature skin aging from UV rays.

Pros and Cons of the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine

There are two good points made by the 10-step Korean skin care routine but also significant reasons why it is neither practical nor the sure route-ine to perfect skin.

First, double-cleansing with an oil-cleanser and then a foam cleanser may seem like too much but if you wear makeup, this 2-step is a must. Do not rely on makeup removing wipes and cleansing waters as they do not pull the excess oil from deep within your pores like an oil-cleanser does.

Second, exfoliating regularly is key to more radiant and smoother skin. Plus, regular exfoliation helps to ensure that your skin is able to easily and effectively absorb all the moisturization and active ingredients from your skin care products.

On the other hand, the 10-step Korean skin care routine is not very practical with how time-consuming and expensive it can be, even with more affordable products.

More importantly, more steps and products does not guarantee or lead to flawless skin. Although you don’t need all 10 steps every day, this routine still calls for a myriad of different skin care products.

Most skin care brands do not make all 10 products so people end up mixing and matching products from different brands. The reality is that different skin care brands are neither communicating nor testing the compatibility of their products together.

Using the wrong combination of products from many different brands can cause redness and sensitivity from all the different chemicals layered on your skin.

The New 5- step Korean Skin Care Routine

The 10-step Korean skin care routine has helped many people get started on taking care of their skin and learning about the many different types of skin care products available globally.

However, it also led to the “skin minimalism” or “skinimalism” trend, where we use better products and less steps. We are excited to share our personally tested and proven minimalist skin care routine that works for all skin types and ages to give your skin what it needs in just 5 steps. This is possible by using higher quality products with better ingredients that are specialized to your skin.

1. Cleanser: for acne-prone, oily skin types, use a gel-to-foam cleanser ideally with bacteria fighting tea tree oil. For sensitive and mature to dry skin types, use a creamy or oil-based cleanser that does not foam much.
2. Toner: for acne-prone, oily skin types, use toner with ideally both BHA and PHA. For sensitive and mature to dry skin types, use a toner with ideally both ceramides and centella asiatica extract.
3. Serum: The Forte Serum was designed as a multi-tasking serum that targets the root cause of skin troubles from acne to aging by strengthening and rejuvenating the skin. Powerful hydration from the Forte Serum beats any essence + sheet mask as users saw an over 200% increase in their skin’s hydration levels immediately after use.
4. Moisturizer: no need for a lotion, the Forte Cream is a gel-cream texture made with the perfect balance of water and oil that melts into your skin and moisturizes for over 24 hours. The Forte Cream is infused with the Forte Serum for another dose of soothing, brightening, and wrinkle-plumping active ingredients throughout the day.
5. Sunscreen: use a broad spectrum sunscreen that is free of avobenzone and oxybenzone. Mix in a bit of the Forte Cream to your sunscreen to help it easily spread all over the face and neck. Our previous blog article teaches you how to shop for a natural yet strong sunscreen.

The most important step that brings you visible results is a great serum

Sheet masks and Essences are watery formulations that usually only have a small amount of active ingredients. Although these products are very hydrating, serums are just as hydrating if not more with a high concentration of active ingredients that do make a visible difference in your skin.

Out of all the existing skin care products in the world, serums are usually made with the highest concentration of active skin-beautifying ingredients. Investing in a natural yet powerful serum is the biggest game-changer you can make for your skin care routine.

Less is more and when you are using better quality products that are formulated to multi-task, you will be saving time and money while seeing your best skin ever.

100% of women who used the Forte Serum said that they saw less wrinkles, dark spots, age spots, uneven skin tone, redness, and dryness. Take advantage of our limited time offer and treat yourself to the amazing Forte Serum.

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The Forté Cream
Cell Forté Rejuvenation Cream - Cell Forte Skin Care
Cell Forté Rejuvenation Cream - Cell Forte Skin Care
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream

The Forté Cream

Not in love with your current face cream or moisturizer?

Does it smooth fine lines and give you a glow while leaving your face hydrated and not oily all day long? If the answer is “no,” then it’s time to give the Forte Cream a shot.

Users with mature skin who are prone to acne love how the balanced Forte Cream does not cause breakouts and even helps reduce oiliness by maintaining optimal hydration. 

The Forte Cream combats crow’s feet, dark circles, and loss of elasticity around the eyes. Our concentrated, medical-grade formula helps provide 24 hours of hydration with anti-aging benefits for visibly younger skin.

With medical-grade ingredients that work quickly, the Forte Cream erases the need for an eye cream or face oil, meaning less time and money spent getting the results you deserve.

30mL / 1 fl. oz

Recent Reviews

"I've never had so much success with a serum! My skin scars easily and my skincare regimen has always included things that should have helped to lighten dark spots like vitamin C but I wasn't seeing results. I have dark spots from cystic acne that I've been consistently trying to get clear for about half a year. After 2 weeks my scars look much lighter and my fine lines look smoother."

Customer image

Michelle H.

Age: 30s

Skin Concerns: Redness & Sensitivity to Most Skincare Products, Oily Skin, Acne & Breakouts

"Love the cell forte serum and cream. I have to admit that I was originally skeptical about serum however the cell forte serum is amazing. The cream leaves me with a natural glow and dewy texture which I absolutely love. I have seen a noticeable difference in the firmness of my skin immediately after using it for 2 weeks. After washing my face, I use the serum followed by the cell forte cream and that's it."

Customer image

Jennifer T.

Age: 50s

Skin Concerns: Dryness, Dullness & Uneven Skin Tone, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sagging Skin

"I like the natural herbal smell and the serum feels so refreshing. The cream did not cause any breakouts and with the serum it actually helped my acne calm down. I struggle with oily skin with fine lines, and after maybe a week I noticed my skin looked and felt noticeably smoother. After using it for 2 weeks my skin looks much healthier and brighter. I will definitely be keeping this in my skincare regimen!"

Customer image

Marissa P.

Age: 40s

Skin Concerns: Dryness, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Skin Sagging, Under Eye Dark Circles & Puffiness

What Makes Cell Forté Skincare So Powerful?

Our Organically Grown Ingredients are Concentrated and Perfected with 3 Advanced Medical-grade Technologies

Controlled Fermentation

Naturally breaks down nutrients into a variety of micronutrients the skin can easily absorb

Ultrasonic Extraction

Instead of damaging heat, ultrasonic waves are used to efficiently sanitize and gently concentrate extracts

Nanoliposome Tech

The ingredients are encapsulated in nano-sized molecules for maximum absorption and minimum preservatives

After 2 Weeks of Using
Cell Forté Skincare*

100% feel incredible softness in their skin

Feel hydrated, smoother skin

98% see significantly less fine lines & wrinkles

See less fine lines & wrinkles

98% see less dark spots and more radiance

See brighter, more even toned skin

95% feel uplifting firmness in their skin

Feel firmer, tighter skin

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