The #1 Reason Why Most Luxury Face Serums over $300 Don’t Work

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

the truth about why most face serums are not worth the money

If you want to see a difference in your skin, from clearing acne, brightening dark spots, to smoothing stubborn wrinkles, you’ll most likely see those improvements from a powerful serum instead of a moisturizer or cleanser. Serums are the most expensive single skin care item in each beauty brand. This is because serums provide high levels of potent active ingredients that are pricey for companies to manufacture. However, the difference between a hyped, hydrating serum that doesn’t work versus one that is worth every precious penny comes down to one question:

Will this serum even be able to absorb into my skin?

A common complaint about luxury skin care products is that despite religiously using the product day and night, many customers don’t see a noticeable improvement. This is because the promising ingredients are not able to go past the skin barrier and only moisturize the skin surface at best. Most luxury serums tout exotic, promising ingredients in their formulas but lack the medical-grade technology to make these formulas truly absorbable by the skin.

Our skin is naturally water-proof because its main function is to keep harmful substances out of our bodies. Unfortunately, those water-based facial mists aren’t doing much to actually hydrate your skin. The challenge is that hydrating ingredients are water-based, but they need to pass through our protective, hydrophobic, oil-based skin barrier.

The solution? Nanoliposome delivery technology

Nanoliposome technology is modern and widely used in the advanced medical and cosmetic surgery industries to create medical grade skin care products that promote scar-proof skin recovery after surgery. Simply put, nanoliposome technology encapsulates the ingredient in a bubble called a liposome. The outer surface of the bubble is oil-based aka hydrophobic so it can easily mesh with our hydrophobic skin barrier. However, the inside of the bubble is water-based aka hydrophilic in order to accommodate the hydrating active ingredients.

The beauty of nanoliposome technology is how it works with the skin to deliver hydrating, skin-plumping ingredients naturally for visible, long-term results. Skin care products made with nanoliposome technology are absolutely incomparable to luxury skin care products in their ability to powerfully plump up hydration and boost collagen growth within the skin to help you look your best.

Cell Forté is the only skin care manufacturer that uses medical grade nanoliposome technology in line with natural skin rejuvenating ingredients. All of the brightening extracts and wrinkle smoothing peptides concentrated in both the Cell Forté Serum and Cream are processed with nanoliposome technology for immediate results that get better and better with each day.

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