Why Are Korean Skin Care And Cosmetics So Popular 

Everyone is in on the trend that K-beauty is Best

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“If it’s a Korean skin care product, it’s going to be great”, is something I hear often from friends and family to strangers.
Just as Belgian chocolates and Italian leather have become their nation’s pride and epitome of their product categories, Korean skin care is the new must-have for women all over the world.

But how exactly did it get so popular? And does it truly deserve the title of being the best?

[Disclaimer: all mentions of modern Korea refers to South Korea, not North Korea.]

Skin Care in Korean Culture

The virtue of outer beauty reflecting inner beauty and taking care of one’s skin, especially the face, has been deeply engrained in ancient Korean culture.

Maintaining clear, bright, and youthful skin with natural skin care products became a known staple in Korea’s “renaissance” period known as the Joseon era, which started in 1392.

Archeologists are still digging up new artifacts in Korea that prove the presence of advanced tools and technology used to make and apply skin care and makeup. In fact, records show that the Japanese people learned how to manufacture cosmetics from a group of Korean people called the Baekje.

Today over 600 years later, Korean cosmetics (also known as K-beauty) has beat out its European competitors and takes the throne as the leader in the international industry of skin care and makeup.

Plus, with the adjacent international rise of Korean tv shows, movies, and pop stars, modern Korean culture continues to uphold picture perfect, high beauty standards.

Korean consumers continue to demand dark spot brightening serums that work faster and wrinkle-plumping moisturizers that deliver professional results at home; and the industry is able to keep up.

How the Government Helped

The ultimate and unique factor that propelled the Korean skin care industry to the top is its relationship with the protective Korean government.

This beneficial relationship started in the 1990s when the Korean economy was devastated. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) provided South Korea with the largest bailout package in history for $57 billion, putting immense pressure on this small, war-torn country to rebuild its economy.

One of the government’s most successful investments was in the skin care and cosmetics industry. From providing research grants to create leading edge medical-grade ingredients and investing in the development of high-tech factories, the government nurtured and grew K-beauty.

In return, K-beauty has been able to prove itself as a bright investment during dark times. Despite the global lockdown and pandemic, in 2020 K-beauty sales hit an all-time record high of $7.5 billion in international sales!

The Best of Korean Skin Care Today

From brands with products made just for men, to adorably packaged and affordable everyday essentials, K-beauty has something for everyone.

However, the core of Korean skin care is truly about high-performance results using natural ingredients. The best of Korean skin care today can be found in medical-grade skin care.

South Korea is also known to have one of the most advanced medical industries in the world.

After recovering from extensive facial injuries and surgeries, patients need powerful yet gentle skin care products to rejuvenate their skin day after day. These youth-restoring, precious medical-grade products are made to only be used for a few weeks and are very expensive for small amounts.

To bring you all the incredible benefits of medical-grade skin care every day, Cell Forte Skin Care was created.

Cell Forte Skin Care was created for the founder’s mother, Mrs. Kim, to help her complexion recover from the intense skin aging effects of chemotherapy and her battle with stage 4 colorectal cancer.

The Forte Serum and Forte serum-infused Cream are made with the highest quality medical-grade ingredients known to brighten, smooth, and lift aged skin.

However, unlike prescription products our balanced formula is safe to use twice a day, every day. You will never find parabens, phthalates, sodium benzoate, benzyl salicylate, and 8 other ingredients we refer to as “the toxic 12” in any of our products.

Our physical and mental health is reflected in our skin and how we take care of our selves. The wisdom that skin care is self-care, and that self-care leads self-worth and self-confidence for us to live our best lives continues to ring true today.

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After 2 Weeks of Using Cell Forté Skincare*

100% feel incredible softness in their skin

Feel hydrated, smoother skin

98% see significantly less fine lines & wrinkles

See less fine lines & wrinkles 

98% see less dark spots and more radiance

See brighter, more even skin

95% feel uplifting firmness in their skin

Feel firmer, tighter skin

The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
Cell Forté Rejuvenation Cream - Cell Forte Skin Care
Cell Forté Rejuvenation Cream - Cell Forte Skin Care
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream
The Forté Cream

The Forté Cream

Not in love with your current face cream or moisturizer?

Does it smooth fine lines and give you a glow while leaving your face hydrated and not oily all day long? If the answer is “no,” then it’s time to give the Forte Cream a shot.

Users with mature skin who are prone to acne love how the balanced Forte Cream does not cause breakouts and even helps reduce oiliness by maintaining optimal hydration. 

The Forte Cream combats crow’s feet, dark circles, and loss of elasticity around the eyes. Our concentrated, medical-grade formula helps provide 24 hours of hydration with anti-aging benefits for visibly younger skin.

With medical-grade ingredients that work quickly, the Forte Cream erases the need for an eye cream or face oil, meaning less time and money spent getting the results you deserve.

30mL / 1 fl. oz

After 2 Weeks of Using
the Cell Forté Skincare*

100% feel incredible softness in their skin

feel hydrated, smoother skin

98% see significantly less fine lines & wrinkles

see less fine lines & wrinkles

98% see less dark spots and more radiance

see brighter, more even skin

95% feel uplifting firmness in their skin

feel firmer, tighter skin

Recent Reviews

"I've never had so much success with a serum! My skin scars easily and my skincare regimen has always included things that should have helped to lighten dark spots like vitamin C but I wasn't seeing results. I have dark spots from cystic acne that I've been consistently trying to get clear for about half a year. After 2 weeks my scars look much lighter and my fine lines look smoother."

Customer image

Michelle H.

Age: 30s

Skin Concerns: Redness & Sensitivity to Most Skincare Products, Oily Skin, Acne & Breakouts

"Love the cell forte serum and cream. I have to admit that I was originally skeptical about serum however the cell forte serum is amazing. The cream leaves me with a natural glow and dewy texture which I absolutely love. I have seen a noticeable difference in the firmness of my skin immediately after using it for 2 weeks. After washing my face, I use the serum followed by the cell forte cream and that's it."

Customer image

Jennifer T.

Age: 50s

Skin Concerns: Dryness, Dullness & Uneven Skin Tone, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sagging Skin

"I like the natural herbal smell and the serum feels so refreshing. The cream did not cause any breakouts and with the serum it actually helped my acne calm down. I struggle with oily skin with fine lines, and after maybe a week I noticed my skin looked and felt noticeably smoother. After using it for 2 weeks my skin looks much healthier and brighter. I will definitely be keeping this in my skincare regimen!"

Customer image

Marissa P.

Age: 40s

Skin Concerns: Dryness, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Skin Sagging, Under Eye Dark Circles & Puffiness

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